Brittany Browne, RN BSN

Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Educate. Energize. Heal.

Coaching is counseling lit on fire. It is the rare ability to arrive in a life storm of another with a deliberate intent to walk them into their personal arena of sunshine; seemingly unfathomable before. Demonstrating that intrinsic capability with ease is the compassionate professional, Brittany Browne.

Brittany Browne is an educator, advocate, motivational speaker and highly sought-after Certified Master Life Coach reputed for a sheer excellence in stewarding, inspiring, and delivering practical coaching methods for various audiences. Brittany collaborates with clients in discovering and defining both their personal and professional purpose in order to achieve goals and unlock the secrets to their own happiness.  Having preceded her experience as a Master Life Coach with an amazing career in Nursing Education, Research and Quality and Risk support, Brittany has gained the professional clarity in knowing that no two persons are the same and in order to facilitate growth and transformation, coaching requires personalized, relatable and uncanny approaches. Brittany’s mantra is simple as she takes pride in her communication and organizational skills and understanding its importance for growth and progress. In addition to those values, her down-to-earth style is one of the many traits most appreciated by her clientele and is what sets her apart from others in her field.

Though obtaining her coaching certifications from Transformation Academy, Brittany attests that it has been through the suffering of her own past traumas she is best suited to help her clients. Rebuilding her life after many relocations, marrying in her youth, and losing her mother to cancer all while obtaining a nursing degree in a new place. Brittany learned the deep internal work required for self-preservation. This work gave birth to a newer, brighter version of Brittany Browne, leading to the development of Brittany Browne Life Coaching by which she is the founder and CEO. Her services emphasize the power of connecting your past to your purpose and embracing your truth to cultivate meaningful connections within self and others. Because Brittany found her light within, her intentions to help you find your light and to keep your light shining is not only rewarding, it is absolutely necessary.

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